New e-something: I say e-something because it is not an e-book. I am definitely not writing a book. Whatever it is, it is called The Inappropriately Secret Life of Awesome College Math Teaching. File this under work-in-progress and check back frequently for updates. I will tweet it as well.

New preprint: Check out this work on topological data analysis of biological aggregation models.  I am very excited about this new direction.

Mmmm... Bacon: I am one of the few, proud (?) people having an Erdös-Bacon number. Will you be the one tech-savvy and proactive enough to figure out how to add me to this page? I will bake you cookies.

Art collaboration: I played a very small roll in a very big and amazing art project on swarms done by the incomparable Karina Li.

New grant: I'm excited and grateful to be supported by National Science Foundation Grant DMS-1412674, Applied Dynamics and Topology of Aggregation Systems. From 2014 - 17, this grant will support nine undergraduate students who will conduct research on mathematical aspects of biological swarms.

Last updated: February 23, 2015 at 15:57 pm