MacTalks: Here I am as part of a series Macalester is producing called MacTalks. In this brief ten minute talk, I discuss how the idea of community plays a role in my research and teaching.

Art collaboration: I played a very small roll in a very big and amazing art project on swarms done by the incomparable Karina Li.

New grant: I'm excited and grateful to be supported by National Science Foundation Grant DMS-1412674, Applied Dynamics and Topology of Aggregation Systems. From 2014 - 17, this grant will support nine undergraduate students who will conduct research on mathematical aspects of biological swarms.

Press: Check out this web feature on students who took my First Year Course in 2010 and in 2013 did research with me and published a paper.

Diversity: Interested in the representation of women and minorities within the mathematical community? I have launched the Diversity Nominating Collective (DiNC).

Awards: Andy Bernoff and I have won the 2013 Outstanding Paper Prize from the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) for some of our joint work. Our same paper also won a SIAM/SIGEST award. See this press release, and also this SIAM News story featuring a photo of our moment of glory.

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